Weather Station Up and Running

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By Gary Greenwood:

I finally have our custom weather station working on our dock on Antipoison Creek on the Northern Neck. This is a key part of our water-monitoring project. The weather station collects normal weather info, as well as water depth and water temperature. The next step is to add data collection for a variety of water quality metrics, including dissolved oxygen, salinity and PH. By collecting all these values over a period of time, we will be able to look for correlations between the weather and water quality.

This weather station is totally custom, using quality off-the-shelf sensors integrated with custom software running on an Arduino. In addition to storing the data within our internal database, the information is also available on weather underground at KVAWHITE14.

I used a variety of components to build this station:

  1. Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller
  2. Xbee radio to send the info from the dock to a computer in the house
  3. 30-amp solar panel, since there is no continuous AC power on the dock.
  4. Genasun charge controller and Panasonic 7.2AH battery to manage and store the solar for nights and shady days.
  5. Inspeed Vortex II anemometer.
  6. Inspeed E-vane
  7. Rotronic HC2-S3 temperature and humidity sensor from Campbell Scientific with 10-layer radiation shield
  8. Bosch BMP180 Barometric Pressure sensor from Adafruit
  9. Keller Acculevel water level transmitter, including water temperature
  10. Apogee SP-212 pyranometer
  11. Adafruit DS18B20 temperature (backup for the Rotronic)
  12. It’s all mounted on a two-part fiberglass mast from DXEngineering. The mast is screwed to the dock and one of the pilings.

See picture of the weather station below:


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