Planting Grasses

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This past weekend I attended the Grasses for the Masses workshop hosted by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. I received celery seeds and a kit to plant these seeds in my home. I spent the afternoon setting up:

First I found an area in my basement for the project. The kit includes a large black tub, three smaller trays where the seeds will be planted, a water heater, filter and thermometer. I placed the lamps on the sides to provide light for the seeds.


The next step will be to fill the black tub up with water, set up the pump and filter. The water needs to heat up and bubble for 24 hours before the seeds can go in. I’ll use the thermometer to make sure the water reaches 78 degrees F, then I’ll plant the grass seeds in the trays. 


The celery seeds came in a plastic bag, with a little bit of water, and have been sitting in my fridge since the weekend (pictured below). When the water in the tub is ready, I’ll spread sand and the seeds down in the three smaller trays. Aired water and a sand-soil mixture will go over top.


Over the next 2.5-3 months I’ll be monitoring seed growth and water temperature, cleaning out the filter and filling the tub with water. By the end of 10 or 12 weeks I should have grasses ready for planting. I’ll be posting updates as the weeks go by.

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