Friday’s Reads

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Judge Rejects Suit Challenging Legality of Nutrient Trading Programs: (Bay Journal)

West Virginia Chemical Spill: (New York Times)
Not technically in the watershed, but an interesting read

Success of Plastic Bag Tax in DC: (The Washington Post)

DC Looking to Ban Styrofoam Containers to Reduce Pollution in Anacostia River: (WAMU)

I live along the Potomac River so I found the following two sources interesting. The Potomac Conservancy releases a report each year looking at habitat, species, pollution, etc. in the Potomac River and gives the watershed a grade. The 2013 report gave the Potomac a C grade. Guest blogger at the American Rivers blog explains why:

Potomac River Report Card: (The Potomac Conservancy)

Potomac River Report Card Explanation: (American Rivers)

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