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Welcome to my new blog! I’m new to the blogging world but am very excited to get started.

I’ll start off with a quick bio:

I’m a recent graduate from Dickinson College in PA, where I studied environmental studies and history. Since taking an environmental course in high school, I became very interested in environmental issues. I was lucky to be able to continue to examine topics in this field in college. In many of my courses, we discussed the Chesapeake Bay watershed, from water quality issues to different problems facing the region’s species. My family owns property on the Northern Neck of Virginia, where I have been able to see many of these issues play out. From research projects to firsthand experience on the Bay, I have become very interested in the region. I created this blog to share environmental news for the greater Chesapeake area. Knowing that the Bay is a large watershed, I intend to look at environmental issues throughout the states that are included in the watershed, hence the ‘Beyond the Bay’ title. I will be sharing relevant articles and current events as well as reporting on any personal projects that I am involved in.


Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!


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